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Battle of Paris

Clandestine: Anomaly, Defense Strategy and Augmented Reality In Your Face

I wrote a little something about augmented reality a while ago.  Clandestine: Anomaly was one of the highlights of that article.  Back then I was really eager to see what it was all about.  The thought of having a game play out in my living room or backyard was pretty damn cool.  The game finally released recently and thanks to Corey King and the ZenFri team in Winnipeg, I took it for a spin.

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Quantum Break changes times in April 2016

So we finally have a date for Remedy’s highly anticipated Quantum Break.  I’m so happy now.  I watched the Gamescom briefing and it was amazing.  The main character has been changed to none other than Iceman of X-Men fame.  (that’s Shawn Ashmore)  I think that was a very solid move.  Not only is Iceman in it, but Little Finger from Game of Thrones as well.  The cast seems stellar.

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