Redman Gone Wild Picture Pack and Theme

Who can’t love a little Reggie Noble mixed with the Xbox 360 right?  Get ready to get wild with another Konsole Kingz release, the Redman Picture Pack and Theme.  How high?  Fans of the hip-hop star can download the picture pack for 80 Microsoft Points and the theme for 150 Microsoft Points.  I’m a fan of Redman especially when he teams up with Method Man.  I’ve had Da Rockwilder on the show’s intro before I think.

Redman Gone Wild

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Redman mixing it up with the Konsole Kingz crew.  Yes, I know it ain’t the 360 Queenz but it’ll have to do.  Stay tuned for details on the Konsole Kingz DVD giveaway I mentioned on Episode #36.

Screenshots: Redman Gone Wild Behind-the-Scenes

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  1. From what I hear it was not all that great. but i was most likely better then all the mainstream/radio crap that is out right now.

  2. i had some points left over that i couldn’t really do anything with, so i picked up the picture pack.

    not bad!

  3. pinksage: The new album is no “There is a Darkside”, but as you said it is better that that crap. lol

    ant: Thanks for picking that up Redman PP

  4. Yeah, we do need a wider variety of marketplace content, and this just extends the list.

    If you haven’t picked up Red’s cd, do so. It still has his old school style to it. Too bad “Method and Red” was only on that one summer. I really liked it.

  5. a wu-tang picture pack would be dope.
    hell, do a theme too!

    black background, with the yellow W

    i’d buy both for sure!

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