Flashback – Breakdown

It’s Friday so why not Flashback to another interesting title from the Xbox days.  Namco’s Breakdown may have been victim of being too ambitious for its time.  It told the story of Derrick Cole who couldn’t remember his past as he fought against some military faction.  He also was lucky enough to gain some extraordinary powers in the process.  The cool thing about it is that you experienced the character in a pretty cool first-person perspective.


You put the smackdown right behind the fists of Derrick and his “super powerful fists of glowing”.  It was a new twist to the first-person adventure that I thought was great.  The story and the design were both very good but I think the release may have been a bit before its time.  Perhaps though with the pending release of Mirror’s Edge, people may embrace looking at first-person adventures differently.  I think Mirror’s Edge is trying to do what Breakdown attempted a few years ago.

Flashback Game: Breakdown
Released: March 15 2004
Platform: Xbox
Next-Gen Meter: High

I’d like to see this revisited and if Mirror’s Edge is what I think it is, then I may have gotten my wish.  It is backward compatible so it works on the Xbox 360 for those of you interested in breaking some bones with Breakdown.

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