Flashback – Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Who’s your Daddy?  His name is Glitch.  One small bot.  Two big nuts of steel.  Seventeen enormous weapons of destruction to take out a mechanical madman and save his planet.  Metal Arms flashes in the Flashback series for July.  Looking back at this game makes me realize why I enjoyed the movie Wall-E so much because the two look similar.  It was one of the games I felt went overlooked but was a lot of fun.  Vivendi Universal & Swingin Ape Studios gave the original Xbox a small, robotic hero.

His hands could be switched with any combination of weapon attachments that you came across.  Switching attachments was a lot of fun.  You could even take over enemies and control them with a fancy beam gun.  And there was multiplayer action as well.  Who doesn’t want to see Glitch make his way to the Xbox 360?  I know I’d love it.

Flashback Game: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Released: November 1 2003
Platform: Xbox
Next-Gen Meter: High

You can check out some screenshots here.  If you can find this title, it’s even backward compatible with the Xbox 360.  Not a lot of you remember, but there were some hidden gems on the original Xbox.

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  1. I have this game for my GameCube. It’s a GREAT game, hidden gem, flew under the radar, etc. You can get this wicked cheap in the used bin.

  2. I absolutely love this game. It is such a shame that a sequel never came our way. After Blizzard acquired Swingin’ Ape Studios, they got put on “clean-up” duty for Starcraft Ghost, which has been yanked. It’s a shame because a sequel to Metal Arms could have been amazing.

  3. Great game Deac… About time you pick a good one 😉

    I can give some suggestions, if you want… The Xbox has many good to great games, more than the 360. :p

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