Flashback – NFL Fever 2002

In the midst of an exciting NFL season, I decided to flash back to one of the original Xbox’s biggest surprises.  NFL Fever was a launch title that I didn’t expect much from but ended up getting a lot out of.  It was actually a pretty decent NFL game and an excellent alternative to the beasts from 2K and EA at the time. 

Even though the possibility of bringing this franchise back is non-existent, I’m still rating it High on my next-gen wish list.  It had the ultimate cover boy in Peyton Manning and it did a lot of things right.  It was a good mix of arcade and fun in comparison to the simulation offerings of Madden and 2K.  I had a lot of fun with it.  The only thing about the Fever franchise was that it didn’t get better in subsequent versions.  NFL Fever 2003 and 2004 weren’t the same and soon the sports division for Microsoft said “no mas”.

NFL Fever 2002

Flashback Game: NFL Fever 2002
Released: November 1 2001
Platform: Xbox
Next-Gen Meter: Impossible but High

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  1. I really liked Fever 2003. At the time I like it better than Madden. And I never like the 2k series at all.

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