Flashback – The Thing

This was one of the better games on the original Xbox.  I loved it.  You might think of it as the original survival horror game that titles like Dead Space were molded from.  I’d love to see a battle between the weird mutated spawns in The Thing against the Necromorphs in Dead Space. 

The game takes place about 3 months after the events in the 1982 movie starring Kurt Russell.  The Thing (movie) was playing last night on Cinemax and it reminded me of the game.  It’s a classic movie that I can watch over and over without getting bored.  I loved the movie and I loved the game.  There was some freaky shat going on in both.  Seeing a guy’s chest cave in and turn into some giant mouth was disturbing, yet awesome.  And I won’t even mention the head turning into a mutated spider.


Flashback Game: The Thing
Released: September 1 2002
Platform: Xbox
Next-Gen Meter: Very High

I suppose I’ve sort of already received a sequel to this because Dead Space is as close to The Thing as we have on the Xbox 360 but I still rated my desire for a sequel “very high” on the next-gen meter.  However, I don’t think Computer Artworks or Universal Interactive can do much about my desire for an update to The Thing.

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  1. This movie is excellent. If you like horror and paranoia you gotta watch this movie. Deac don’t spoil it for everyone if they haven’t seen it!!!!

    This game is BC so it will play on the 360 woohoo!!!

  2. I agree Deac… CLASSIC, the both of them, & I am now very sad that there isn’t a sequel. = What a great game series THE THING could have been.

  3. I do agree that this was a Classic… but dare I say that I didn’t like it. Don’t think that I will be getting this game.

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