Flashback – Beyond Good & Evil

I wasn’t one of the people who played this game but the response to it within the gaming community was pretty darn significant.  When Ubisoft released this game it was considered amongst the best that the original Xbox could offer.  It had a cute leading lady, some pretty cool platforming action and it was cinematic adventure.

The story went something like this…

“Jade’s world is under attack from an alien force. Her government claims to be defending the people, yet more and more of them are becoming enslaved.  Fighting oppression, propaganda, and deception, Jade’s quest as a journalist is to unravel the truth and expose the conspiracy. What lies beyond good and evil?  You are about to find out.”

Flashback Game: Beyond Good & Evil
Released: December 1 2003
: Xbox
Next-Gen Meter: Definitely and it’s being made finally

The good thing about this game is that Ubisoft is currently developing a next-generation sequel to it for the Xbox 360.  So the good news for those of you who haven’t played it is that you might get your chance at some point.  Well you’ll at least get your chance to play a new version of it.

Looking back in these Flashbacks just reminds me of the extensive library of games the original Xbox had.

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  1. This game did sooooo much for me. A strong female lead whose boobs were NOT the center of attention meant a lot. I hold this game dear to my heart. I know so many chix who game that do. To hear of a sequel is exciting but i can’t help but wonder if it should just be left alone. GREAT flash back BTW 🙂

  2. Great game Deac… I have this on the Xbox, & for someone who hates Digital Distribution, it’s a must for me to get the enhanced High Def version once it comes out.

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