Arkham City, dates for Calendar Man achievement

Batman: Arkham City is the front runner for my Game of the Year award.  If you haven’t read my review, then don’t waste anymore time dammit!  This past Halloween I mentioned a really cool Achievement in Arkham City that involves visiting Calendar Man in the basement of Solomon’s Courthouse on specific dates.  These dates are really just holidays and other special days throughout the year 2011 so it should be easy.

I decided to list the dates that you need to head back to Arkham City and talk to Calendar Man on.  For those of you who want to cheat to get the Achievement, this will help you too.  The next date up is on Thanksgiving, November 24.

Play Batman: Arkham City on these dates and talk to Calendar Man to unlock an Achievement.  I didn’t put a year next to each because it won’t matter which year.  Obviously 2012 is the earliest you can get the Achievement without cheating but the dates will work supposedly in any given year (s).

• January 1
• February 14
• March 17
• April 1
• May 8
• June 19
• July 4
• August 16
• September 5
• October 31
• November 24
• December 25

[Update] – The dates for this Achievement are subject to change depending on the year you achieve them.  So some dates will vary depending on the year.

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  1. how much more specific can it be? the dates are those of the major holidays in the United States .. if Labor Day fell on September 5th 2011 but falls on September 3rd in 2012 I thought that would be common sense to use September 3 2012 in Arkham City.

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