500GB on Xbox One is not enough for a digital world

Like a few of you I was excited about the digital future that Microsoft was painting on the Xbox One.  I thought the digital availability of games on release day was awesome.  I am a fan of physical media and I was considering a move to all digital for the first time.  However, when the size of the Xbox One hard drive was announced, a red flag went up.

The Xbox One was moving to Blu-ray discs and the size of these games was about to get larger.  Light has been cast on the sizes of the launch games and let me tell you one thing … the 500 GB hard drive on the Xbox One is not enough to support an all digital future.  If you’re a big fan of gaming and decide to download all the launch titles, you’re looking at over 341 GBs of space gone.


I’m sure the operating system on the Xbox One will take up a lot of space so you’ll probably have about 40-50 GBs of space left for your gaming lifetime on the Xbox One.  I’m not considering any USB extensions.  I’m simply going by what’s available out of the box.  How exactly can Microsoft hope for a digital future when gamers will be forced to delete and manage their library often?

I know some of you are thinking that you’ll just stick to physical media and not worry about it.  I hate to burst your bubble but all games on the Xbox One have to be installed to the hard drive.  So regardless of your digital direction, you will be installing these games.  The choice to stick with physical or go digital doesn’t even matter.

Here are the supposed sizes of the launch games on Xbox One.  Go ahead and add them up.  I know you won’t own all of these games but simply substitute a game that you will own in the future.  Your hard drive will be full in no time.

◦Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – 20GB
◦Battlefield 4 – 33GB
◦Call of Duty: Ghosts – 39GB
◦Dead Rising 3 – 19GB
◦FIFA 14 – 8GB
◦Fighter Within – 9.2GB
◦Forza Motorsport 5 – 31GB
◦Just Dance 2014 – 22GB
◦Killer Instinct – 3.4GB
◦Lococyle – 13GB
◦Madden NFL 25 – 12GB
◦NBA 2K14 – 43GB
◦NBA Live 14 – 9GB
◦Powerstar Golf – 3.9GB
◦Ryse: Son of Rome – 34GB
◦Skylanders: Swap Force – 15GB
◦Xbox Fitness – 246MB
◦Zoo Tycoon – 2.6GB
◦Zumba World Party – 24GB

This new generation of consoles is going to force you to buy less because owning multiple games will weigh far too much on your hard drive.  You’ll essentially only be able to own 12-15 games.  I know you can delete and re-download but still it sucks.  You’ll have to watch your hard drive closer than ever now.

What say you?

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  1. See, Im still on the old, old xbox with only 10GB of storage or less, (yes the one that sounds like a jet engine when running) and I am constantly having to delete old games even if i want to download demos (you didn’t even mention those Deac) or giveaways like the DR 2 gifts for Gold, so 500 sounds like a lot to me. But I do know how fast it gets filled up bc my dvr is 500 GB and it’s constantly sitting at around 80-85% filled, and I do have to delete movies or old series sometimes, so in actuality 500 is pretty weak for an “All in one, home entertainment center replacement” like they are trying to market it.

    So one more BOO on xbox, but since PS4 is the same this one doesn’t sway me on my undecided next gen console mind.

  2. The fact the Xbox One hard drive is fixed means if you do need a bigger hdd then chances are you’ll have to fork out for another Xbox One with a bigger hdd… if they even release them.

  3. Good thing though that while the game installing you can play them, I’m not sure if this is specific to the disc versions or not. If so then at least it won’t interrupt gaming too much as you won’t have to wait 20 minutes or so before you can play due to the game being installed if you removed it off your HDD

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