Xbox One SmartGlass launches on mobile and PC

Launch is getting closer than ever boys and girls!  To be even more prepared for the launch of the Xbox One, you should definitely download the new Xbox One SmartGlass app.  It’s available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC.  The app gives you some great second screen experiences with games and movies and it also allows you to start your Follower list.  If you want to Follow me on Xbox One, my Gamertag is vDEACON.


Here are three things you can do with Xbox One SmartGlass while you’re waiting for your Xbox One:

• Search for the perfect game. Don’t waste any time – search for new Xbox One games so you can jump right in when your console is ready. Xbox One SmartGlass also lets you view information such as game details, achievements and challenges so you’re ready to get going with your favorite games. You can even check out the Game DVR clips already uploaded by the community!

• Keep up with friends. Connect with friends and the Xbox Live community even before you finish setting up your console. Use the app to see what your friends have been up to, check out their latest achievements, or read your messages while you’re waiting.

• Personalize your dashboard. Pin your favorite games and apps to the Home screen so you jump into your favorite activities right when you finish setting up your console and log into Xbox Live.

I highly recommend getting familiar with SmartGlass on Xbox One.  The experience that they’re shaping up could finally be what we all envisioned.  Fyi, this is completely separate from the Xbox 360 SmartGlass app.

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