Xbox One Elite Controller, Who’s Getting it?

I have my eye on this controller but the $150 price tag scares me.  I’m not a pro gamer but I really am interested in the customization.  The New Xbox One Experience allows you to configure your controller a bit but not on this level.  How many of you will be putting down the money for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller?

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is performance-class hardware that’s built to meet the needs of even the world’s top competitive gamers. Recently, ESL approved use of the controller in any ESL competitions. Jesse Sell of ESL’s Business Development team commented, “Our admin team is very impressed by the design and personalization that the Elite controller provides. We look forward to giving our players more options and watching how this new controller will bring out the best in each of them.”

Major League Gaming (MLG) also recently approved the use of the controller. “The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is approved for use by Major League Gaming for all competitive gaming activities and tournaments,” said Adam Apicella, Executive Vice President at MLG. “The customization options are great, showcasing the desired functionality required for pro level competition.”

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