UNSCRIPTED XBOX (previously Unscripted 360*) is a gaming and entertainment community made up of the website you see here and an internet radio show.  It debuted in July 2006 from a spur of the moment idea that found its way inside my brain.  The site is owned and operated out of Dallas by Deacon, one of the top community leaders in the gaming industry.

Deacon is an Xbox MVP and author of Press X to Reload, a personal diary of his journey through the gaming industry.  He’s also authored Day 8 New Human War and The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins.  Each download and purchase of the books support the site so please check them out.

He was voted 2006 Community Member of the Year and wanted to share some of his experiences with gamers across the world.  UNSCRIPTED XBOX has been the destination for great interviews featuring events, community leaders and developers of today’s next-generation games.

In June 2007, a live broadcast of the show (The Velvet Voice Live) launched featuring yours truly, the Velvet Voice.  The live show promotes interaction with its listeners via live calls and brings the community even closer.  The live show provides developers and publishers a new way to interact with existing and potential fans of their games.

The journey with U360 has resulted in several special Awards and Notable Mentions, including 2007 Blog of the Year.  The journey has also allowed Deacon to work with a lot of great people and companies.

When are live shows scheduled?

The live show happens every Saturday at 10AM CST.  Scheduling is subject to change so be sure to check the website for updates.

Who are the guests on the show?

Anyone is welcome.  The Velvet Voice Live is a community show that puts a strong focus on your everyday gamer within the community.  You don’t have to be a developer, publisher or anyone employed in the gaming industry.

How can I download UNSCRIPTED XBOX content on Xbox Live Marketplace?

You can download and support Unscripted 360 with its own content on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  You can do that with Unscripted 360 Picture Packs or with Unscripted 360 Xbox Avatar Gear!  From the new Xbox Dashboard when looking for the Picture Packs just go to Games, Browse Games, Extras, Gamer Pics, Sort By Title, then go down to DP Community and you’ll find them there.

For Avatar Gear just go to the Avatar Store and search for the Community Collection.  You’ll find Unscripted 360 Xbox Avatar Gear there!

What are the unique features here?

UNSCRIPTED XBOX is home to some of the best unique articles and features you’ll find on a blog.  There are article series here such as Truth Serum and The Edition Examiner.  This is also home to the Xbox 360 Laws and the only place that allows users to unlock Medals to showcase on user comments.

Deacon takes pride in delivering unique content that’s enjoyable to both read and listen to.  Take a seat and enjoy the blog and show!

Hey Deacon, I’d like to invite you to an event to cover something awesome or send you a game to review.

Do you? That’s great and awesome.  Just send an email to Deacon and it’ll be a pleasure to coordinate it all!

*On November 14, 2013 the name was officially changed to UNSCRIPTED XBOX.