I’ve received an amazing response within the community and I wanted to share some of those things with everyone.  Here is a list of awards and notable mentions that I’ve been fortunate enough to receive both personally and for the site.

It has been a wonderful experience so far.  I’m thankful for all the personal awards, accomplishments and experiences.  I’m so very appreciative of the fact that so many gamers have enjoyed themselves here.  I’m giving everyone a virtual pat on the back with this.  Just imagine me patting you on the back as you read this.

Below you’ll find the link to the accomplishment and then next to it, the person/company/group responsible or related to it.

Awards and Notable Mentions

2006 Community Member of the Year – GTR Xbox Community Awards
2006/2007 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft
On10’s Profile of the Week with Tina Woods – On10.net
Top Gamertags of 2007 – TriXie Blog
Top 10 Cute Boys in Gaming Journalism – TriXie Blog
360 Laws Spotlight in 360 Zine Magazine – 360Zine
2007 Blog of the Year – GTR Xbox Community Awards
2007/2008 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft
Community 101 – Xbox.com
406 Reasons to Love Xbox 360 – Xbox.com
Best Podcast Shows – 360Zine
360 Reasons to Love Xbox 360 – Xbox.com
360 Laws Community Spotlight – Xbox.com/TriXie
Community partner with DP and Nokia – Disruptive Media Publishers
Super MVPs for SuperMarch – Xbox.com
Rated “Great” by the editors of Blogged.com – Blogged.com
Featured 10 Popular All Xbox Blogs – Blogs.com
2008/2009 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award– Microsoft
Picked to launch Community Playdate on Xbox LIVE – Xbox.com
Invited as Guest Author for Blogs.com – Blogs.com
Spotlight on Inside Xbox – Xbox.com
Top 10 Things to do on June 16 (Xbox LIVE Maintenance) – Xbox.com
2009/2010 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft
2010/2011 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft
2011/2012 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft
2012 featured in Dallas’ Blitz Weekly magazine – Blitz Weekly
Debut of Xbox Avatar content – Disruptive Media Publishers / Microsoft
Guest author for “From the MVPs” MSDN – Microsoft
Community Collection of Avatar Gear in Avatar Store – U360, DP, Microsoft
Quoted by EA with Danger Close’s Medal of Honor – Medal of Honor
Selected as Intel contributor – Intel
Featured in the commercial for the Xbox Anthem – Microsoft
2013/2014 Microsoft Xbox MVP Award – Microsoft


  1. ok just to get this contest making a little more sense for me.. 😀 umm so are we using the existing stuff thats in the avatar marketplace?

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  3. “yeah man i remember that Gears of War chainsaw night rather well…the way you got pumped up about it had me ROLLIN’ lol” that was a GREAT night indeed. GOLDEN GUNS FTW!

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