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Developer Interview – Adrian Price, Tetris Ultimate

Ubisoft has been a fixture in gaming just like Tetris has been a fixture in most of our hands. I wrote an article recently about Tetris and its 30 year anniversary and looking back over the history of Tetris made me want to look at how the game has been transformed for today’s audience.  To get a new perspective on the current vision of Tetris, I spoke with Ubisoft’s Adrian Price, Producer on Tetris Ultimate.

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Developer Interview – Fun and Games with Filimundus

Are you interested in playing games with your kids and learning a few things in the process?  Well, my latest sit down with Filimundus will be right up your alley.  I had a really fun time interacting with Linus and his dreams about Filimundus.  I like to open people’s eyes up to a different world in gaming and this latest Developer Interview I believe does just that.


How Pro Gamers Play On The Go

What’s up boys and girls!?  My latest article for iQ Intel is up and ready for you to dig into.  I tackle a pretty cool subject about gaming on 2-in-1 devices and how they’ve really reshaped the way I game and work on the go.  Click here to check it out.  Make sure you share it with friends so that I can become the hottest Intel writer out there and then be the biggest gaming celebrity EVER!  Ok, that’s probably shooting a little too high but I do hope you’ll read it and share it with your friends.

Tablet Games That Blow Your Mind, New Intel Article

I’m back with another groovy article I wrote for iQ Intel.  You need to check it out immediately!  Click right here to read my article Games for Intel Powered Tablets That Blow Your Mind.

I take a look at a few Windows 8 games that are on my personal favorite list.  All of these games I had the pleasure of playing on Intel powered tablets and let me tell you … these tablet games have come a long way from the days of Tetris.