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‘Make Me Famous’

I’ve had quite a few email inquiries about airing names etc on the show.  So I want to address it for the masses.

Initially I won’t unless you opt for U360 to “Make Me Famous”.  That will let me know that you don’t mind if I mention your gamertag/name on the show.

So remember, in any of your emails/posts in which you’re submitting material for the show, to include the tag “Make Me Famous” somewhere so that I know it’s okay.

Or find someway to let me know. 🙂 

Unscripted 360 Announcement Show

This is the announcement show done on Saturday July 1.  Within each post that contains a U360 show, you’ll be able to easily listen, download or manage the show!

I hope the ease at which the shows are available will be of use to you all!  Let me know what you think not only about the announcement but about the new tools in which you can access the shows!

Welcome to Unscripted 360!

Unscripted Logo 

Hello out there 360 Community fans!  This is DeaconBlade 360 coming at you with, I hope, something we all can take part in!  I’ve been fiddling with this idea for a few weeks and thought I’d go ahead with it.

You see podcasts all around about the Xbox 360 and what it is, what it can do, news surrounding it, Marketplace etc. But what you haven’t seen is a podcast dedicated to YOU specifically.  By you I mean dedicated to what goes on directly on the community boards as you type it, as you read it and as things are announced.  Make sense?  Let me explain further.

I’ll be doing a series of podcasts about the daily happenings within the Xbox 360 community!  Every community needs a face but moreso than that every community needs something to set it apart from any other.  I figured a podcast to break down the daily things that we find interesting would be a grand idea.  Imagine reading all the crazy posts and announcements that go on directly on the community forums and then tuning in to Unscripted 360 to get a cool recap of the week’s forum events!

It may sound strange but after the initial airing, I hope it makes more sense.  I’ll be picking and choosing the hot topics being posted about to provide feedback on.  It won’t be specificially left to what was posted.  I’ll be giving my opinions on various things that happen right there in front of you that you may not see…..things like new gamer spotlights, new hardcore articles etc.

What I felt we needed was a sure fire, in your face declaration that we are one of the top communities around!  I personally feel like we have a hands on environment like no other. 

I hope a few of you will lend your support as I work out the kinks and ideas surrounding Unscripted 360.  I’ll post specific details about each broadcast in the normal fashion that you see associated with podcast breakdowns.  I’ll attempt to do this weekly.  Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my brainstormin’.